Title: JJs-Jams.WAD
Filename: music/jjs-jams.zip
Size: 272.72 KB
Date: 09/15/94
Author: J. J. "Rocket In The Face" Franzen
Description: This is my own hacked together music file that I first put together to see if I could. It eventually evolved into something alot bigger than I first expected. I've ended up replacing all the music for all levels of all episodes. Some of my selections were for comedy, some for seriousness, but most were for fun. I've decided to inflict my personal taste in music upon everyone else. Enjoy!

: These MIDI files were origionally done for the GUS. They do sound alright on a SB-16, but only GUS owners will get the true fullfilment of my music selections.
Credits: Anyone who deserves them ;)
Base: Lot's o' various MIDI files
Build time: Well, once I figured out the midi2mus thing, only a few hours...
Editor(s) used: MIDI2MUS, DEU 5.21gcc
Bugs: Some songs are too slow, others too fast...
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HERE IN MY CAR also gotta love the fast-paced version of 'stayin' alive'. Probably an accident but it made me laugh.x

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