Title: KISS DOOM for DOOM2 v2.0
Filename: music/kiss_dm2.zip
Size: 257.69 KB
Date: 08/16/99
Author: Sparky of KISS Software
Description: "Do you believe in Rock 'n Roll? Then standup for what you believe in!"

A DOOM2 wad featuring the music of KISS. Some graphics have been added (new menus and title/help/end screens), but you'll have to wait for the PHANTOM partial conversion wad where you'll get to play Gene the bat-liz demon, with new graphics and sound.

This wad contains 11 KISS songs - 9 songs loop through the 31 maps, and intro/intermission and victory songs:

Intro/Intermission Strutter MAPS 01 10 18 27 I Was Made for Loving You MAPS 02 11 19 28 Strange Ways MAPS 03 12 20 29 Spit MAPS 04 13 21 30 Calling Dr. Love MAPS 05 14 22 Love Gun MAPS 06 15 23 Is That You? MAPS 07 31 24 Beth MAPS 08 16 25 Magic Touch MAPS 09 17 26 Deuce Victory/Finale God of Thunder
Credits: - special thanks to my wife for at least trying to understand my passions for KISS and computer games. - thanks to Gene, Paul, Peter, Ace, Eric Carr, Vinni, Mark, Bruce and Eric Singer - thanks for nearly 25 years of rock, fun and inspiration.

==================================== .... if anyone reading this knows any of the above guys, I would really appreciate it if you could pass a copy onto them. This is my minor contribution to the plethera of KISS paraphenalia, and is my way of saying thanks. ====================================

- thanks to Vikram Pant for the MIDIs. - thanks also to TiC for New Wad Tools and Digital Expressions for MIDI2MUS
Base: New wad from scratch (and my KISS_DM1.WAD for DOOM1).
Build time:
Editor(s) used: midi2mus, NWT v1.3, Photo Shop Pro
Bugs: None
Rating: (3 votes)
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Oh Jesus, just read the distribution notice. A) You can't sell it, ever. B)If you do, he will buy it, guaranteed. 0/5x
KISS sucks, end of story.x
Not a big fan of Kiss, but their simple rock songs go well with Doom action.x

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