Title: DooMetallicA (METALMUS.WAD)
Filename: music/metalmus.zip
Size: 286.52 KB
Date: 12/09/96
Author: Topi Ylinen
Description: This wad contains no new levels, no graphics, not even sound effects. It contains only MUSIC. It replaces *all* Doom2 music tracks with Metallica songs in Midi format! There are about 30 different songs, some of them duplicated in two different arrangements. From The Four Horsemen to Until It Sleeps, including all the major hits such as Master of Puppets, Sanitarium, One, Enter Sandman and so on, and also unusual pieces such as Anaesthesia (from Kill 'em All) and the cover song Am I Evil?, and even Call of Ktulu in two different versions. I have collected the songs from the net, and there would have been even much more but I had to reject some because the arrangements were so weird that they were not actually even recognizable. Some of the arrangements used contain inaccuracies in transcription (Fade to Black and Harvester of Sorrow could be found in several versions in the net, but none of them were perfectly accurate). Justice had to be rejected because for some reason midi2mus could not handle it!
Credits: People whose midi arrangements I have ripped off.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Deutex
Bugs: Well, some of the songs are repeated :-) Also I have no idea what this will sound like on other sound cards than SbPro
Rating: (10 votes)
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LOL at Metallica fanboys here. I hate Justin Bieber too, but Metallica sucks almost as much as today's music. 0/5 vomit.x
Metallica doesnt sucks , go listen to justin bitcher wiseasses if you dont have taste of music. METALLICA LONG LIVE FOREVER! one of the best :)x
METTALICA FTW! Go listen to Justin bieber sons of a bitches , cuz metal rock always kick ass!x
¿Metallica? 0/5x
hows this only have 1 star its awesome some songs a note was skipped and very noticible but not bad enough for it to have one 1 also reviewer number two if you hate metallica why bother even commenting or voting if you did you allready knew you didnt like metallica so of course this wad wasnt for youx
metallica sucksx
This is so old it even predates Metallica's lawsuit against Napster. I was curious to see how Diamond Head's "Am I Evil" turned out; it's Map05, and it's very accurate. But it sounds naff, all of it sounds naff, of course it sounds naff. Even in 1996 this kind of thing was a novelty. The readme is amusing tho' ("hobbies include weight training and trombone playing", and I don't think he's joking).x

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