Title: MP2 Music Definitions for JDoom
Filename: music/mp2music.zip
Size: 3.34 KB
Date: 10/13/02
Author: Sparky of KISS Software
Description: Okay, so you've downloaded all the Doom/Doom2 .mp2 files from Doomworld (www.doomworld.com) or Bobby Prince's site (before he moved only some of them to www.mp3.com). But how can you use them in a source port without creating a massive 60MB wad?

This file is simply a DED (Doomsday Engine Definitions) file for the source port JDoom. It simply tells JDoom what music to use for each level, and where to find the files.
Credits: Jaakko Keränen - the author of JDoom and the Doomsday Engine ; Robert Prince for releasing the .mp2 files; Doomworld for storing the music for all these years
Base: New from scratch
Build time: a couple of hours
Editor(s) used: Windows Notepad
Bugs: the Doom1 intermission music (D_INTER) is missing on Doomworld so I have just linked to the Doom2 equivalent (D_DM2INT). Just edit mp2music.ded with a text editor if you prefer to use the original internal D_INTER.
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The final entry in the archives when you search for the author "sparky". Compared to all the shit he's unleashed, like the infamous Plutonia Easy or the cancelled Kaizo Chex Quest, this sounds pretty useful and space-saving. Alas, this wad is only intended for Jdoom: a word that I, a citizen in the year 2012, do not know the meaning of.x

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