Title: Not Even Doom Music
Filename: music/nedm.zip
Size: 1.57 MB
Date: 07/01/06
Author: Leileilol
Description: It's not even doom music ALSO! it's not even doom2 music or heretic music or hexen music

i recommend playing this wad with those megawads that don't add anything new to sound or music

oh btw, this wad does not have the usual shty trent reznor and emo songs wads usually have so expect some quality tunes and melodies within
Credits: the people that made all this music, mostly from pages that don't even credit the author of the original .mids so i dunno.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: weeks actually.
Editor(s) used: xwe, midi2mus
Bugs: some midis in the doom2 portion sound funny like eat the wrench
Rating: (21 votes)
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