Title: New DOOM ][ Music :-)
Filename: music/newd2mus.zip
Size: 112.68 KB
Date: 03/18/95
Author: Eugen Woiwod
Description: 10 NEW Songs for DOOM ][ :-) I got tired of the SAME OLD music in DOOM ][ everytime I played, so I decided to put in some new music :-)
Credits: Angelito So (aso@ic.sunysb.edu) for creating VAMUS1.WAD :-)
Build time:
Editor(s) used: NWT v1.03
Bugs: None that I know of :-)
Rating: (2 votes)
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Funny infro encypted into the ZIP: MIND LINK! is Western Canada's largest telecommunications service offering gigabytes of the very latest public domain and shareware software, adult GIFs, international email and discussion groups, newswires, realtime online games and complete Internet access, including IP access, Telnet, FTP, IRC, Gopher, etc...x
First one is Terminator Theme. Second is Batman theme, you get the drift.x

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