Title: .SPC to .IT Example.
Filename: music/spcexmpl.zip
Size: 103.52 KB
Date: 11/21/08
Author: Dgon92
Description: This is a simple wad containing an Impulse Tracker module dumped from a music file from a Super Nintendo game, or a SPC file. I used a program called OpenSPC (Google it) to dump it, then used ModPlug Tracker to clean it up and format it. Then, I put it in this wad for use with ZDoom.
Credits: The creator of OpenSPC. I couldn't get his name, sorry.

Capcom for making good Mega Man X3 music.
Base: From scratch, though I downloaded SPC files from Zophar.
Build time: A minute or two.
Editor(s) used: Slumped, Modplug Tracker, and OpenSPC.
Bugs: None.
Rating: (4 votes)
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While what you've made is an accomplishment, I think a pointless Doom wad in /idgames/ isn't the best place to show it off.x
nice song but huh 2.9 starsx

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