Title: Sycraft Doom soundtrack
Filename: music/syd1mus.zip
Size: 32.94 MB
Date: 09/30/09
Author: Mr. Chris
Description: This is a WAD containing the music created by Sycraft but at a reduced size for convenience. The music files inside the file are 80kbps stereo MP3, so if you wish to listen to the original files, check the very bottom of this text file.
Credits: Sycraft, who has given me permission to do this.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 1 hour
Editor(s) used: XWE, Wintex, Goldwave, Audicity and Razorlame
Rating: (5 votes)
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^you always gotta have an argument. with that said the music packs are what stop me from going batshit crazy playing the worst wads ever created... like JOW.wad... but that is rather out of context, the music is rock music/ metal. I am actually quite fond of the E1M4 replacement, but that is my favorite track. (oh and for the record, I am usually the guy who is unlucky enough to play terry wads first.)x
^You always gotta love it when hypocrites try to be right all the time. Sort of doesn't make sense that you would auto-0 Terry's work just because you played one map from him and then say that the first reviewer should piss off because of the same mentality. I played with this and I agree with the first reviewer, I just wished I listened to him in the first place. 1/5x
^You always gotta love it when somebody reviews a wad before they try it. Sort of defeats the purpose of a review doesn't it? If you are going to do that, then just piss off instead. This is decent stuff. 3/5x
Judging your previous 'work', I think I'll give this a miss. 0/5x

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