Title: Tyler's Music
Filename: music/tylermus.zip
Size: 237.14 KB
Date: 01/03/96
Author: Tyler Blohm
Description: This wad is a collection of midi files I found on the Internet...I was tired of the same ol' DOOM music, so I decided to put my own in!

If I could have found more rap midi's on the internet, I would've used them. Instead I (unknowingly) created the most musically diverse music wad ever! :) This wad has everything from the Beatles to Pink Floyd to NIN to Queen. Not to mention some funny/wierd/corny midi's I found...

See the playlist for a complete description of the music used.
Credits: Id Software, for whom this wad wouldn't be possible! :) Bill Neisius for his excellent midi2mus.exe and dmmusic programs which were a big help in making this wad, and a BIG thank you to the people on the Internet who answered all my technical questions! Also to the people on ftp.funet.fi and alt.binaries.sounds.midi for supplying the midi's.
Base: Scratch, used existing midi's...
Build time:
Editor(s) used: midi2mus.exe, dmmusic.exe...
Bugs: None that I know of...except, sometimes I wish the music played a little louder...mothing that can't be fixed with the volume switch, though.
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could've used more metalx

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