Title: Ultimate MIDI Pack
Filename: music/ultimidi.zip
Size: 559.65 KB
Date: 07/07/21
Author: Ivan Stanton (northivanastan)
Description: A pack of MIDIs made by Doomworld members which aims to replace all MIDIs in The Ultimate Doom and ensure that all MIDIs are unique.
Credits: Bloo; Cammy; Chilpillwill; Keagan Dunn; Lee Jackson, ASCAP; Lippeth; Manniacc; McJerb; MegaSphere; MFG38; Myrgharok; NeilJohnRips; Leonardo Silva (Palitoman); Peccatum Mihzamiz; Sego; STILES; TrialD; Xulgonoth; and ZeMystic, all of whom contributed MIDIs lokbustum257, DiaboluciĆ³n, and Gokuma for DMAPINFO DCG Retrowave for SC-88 recordings
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Started development on 2021-03-27
Editor(s) used: SLADE and various MIDI editors
Bugs: The D_E4Mx MIDIs in ultimidi.wad are only supported by Crispy Doom, Doom Retro, Eternity, PrBoom+ (UMAPINFO fork), Doomsday, the Unity port, and ZDoom-based ports as of this writing. If you are using a different port, you should load tfcmidi.wad when playing Episode 4.
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