Title: Various Artists Music Wad
Filename: music/vamus1.zip
Size: 187.8 KB
Date: 07/01/94
Author: Angelito So
Description: Music from Various Artists. I got these from midi files I have downloaded from all over the internet. These midifiles are excellent reproductions of the actual recorded versions of the songs.

Songs From: Nirvana, The Who, Seal, U2, Queen and others

The D_INTER and D_INTRO were taken (and slightly edited :) from the XWing midi files used in the swmusfx#.wad. I used these because it is what I would have used in the D_INTER and D_INTRO sections if I made the swmusfx#.wad series and it seemed to fit into my frame of mind at the time I decided to do this.

NOTE TO Star Wars fans and Chris Hopkins: There is a new Star Wars song in this file that I converted from an Amiga SMUS file. It is a very well made recreation of the Empire Strikes Back finale song (Though it is only 4 channels it sounds great). You may want to use it in a future version of the swmusfx wad file. The song is on E2M4.
Credits: All the composers of the tunes. ID Bill Neisius creator of DMMUSIC.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DMMUSIC, MIDI2MUS
Bugs: None.
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