Title: Heretic Conveyorbelt Script Demonstration
Filename: prefabs/hconvdem.zip
Size: 10.62 KB
Date: 05/13/09
Author: Kristian 'Kristus' Käll
Description: An example of how to get conveyorbelt scripts running in vanilla Heretic as well as in Zdoom, Vavoom and Legacy. (Legacy in particular)

The map is using the ALLTRIGGER linedef flag to get Legacy to run it's own conveyorbelt script. This obviously should work just as well with Boom based wads for Doom2.

The part taken from hcount.wad by Creapis is the mechanic to get it moving. Had it not been for this wad, I would probably not have bothered to even try.

The door is there for the sake of Zdoom, Eternity and Vavoom compatibility, where the Voodoo doll will start moving at once. In contrast to HereticP and Legacy where something will only be affected by the current after it's been made to move ever so slightly.

The door for the gasbag is there to make sure there's no unforseen issues that spring up on different ports by having two versions of the same action execute.

ReDoom - It's tested and works in ReDoom. But since it's still in it's infancy. (like it doesn't even have working teleporters in Heretic) it's working quite differentely. It do have voodoo dolls. But they won't travel on the conveyor belt, so it uses the gasbag instead. Once this is changed however, I have no reason to believe it wouldn't work just as well as in any other port I've tested it in.
Credits: Creaphis for his hcount.wad, which I used as base when I made this. ID and Raven of course for the games.
Base: hcount.wad by Creaphis
Build time: About 15 minutes
Editor(s) used: Doombuilder
Bugs: None
Rating: (3 votes)
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My legacy lives on! -Creaphisx

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