Title: Cultist
Filename: skins/cuskin.zip
Size: 101.99 KB
Date: 11/17/04
Author: Matt Cibulas (A.k.a RottKing)
Description: A Cultist from Blood.
Credits: The Epidermis Emporium for it's tutorial, and Benj for being such a damn fagt.
Base: Cultist sprites and sounds.
Build time: 6 - 7 hours of work.
Editor(s) used: WinTex 3.4, WinTex 4.3, Paint Shop Pro 7, Cool Edit Pro.
Bugs: None I can think of.
Rating: (9 votes)
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Fucking awesome.x
Pretty decent skin with sounds! I don't really like playing with this skin on though. It's just not my style... 4/5 **** - DoomGeek101x
Beautiful work!! :)x
Nice skinx

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