Title: Monsters Skin Pack
Filename: skins/monster_skins.zip
Size: 437.82 KB
Date: 02/18/03
Author: BeeZee_88
Description: This is a by-product of learning how to edit wads. I just took the coolest montsers and turned them into player skins. Dunno if it's been done before but, well, I'm doing it now so there :P
Credits: The id!!! Also to Epyo and Black Void, authors of 'Captin Mancubus'(CAPTAIN.WAD), which originally inspired me to turn the monsters into skins.
Base: Doom 2 monster sprites
Build time: A few hours
Editor(s) used: XWE
Bugs: If you have a port which lets you choose a custom colour for the Doomguy, then the green areas of the sprites will will appear as your chosen colour. Set your colour to "00 FF 00" (fully green) to fix it. (This 'bug' does look quite cool for the Baron's hands though :) Also, the death frames change at the speed of the normal Doomguy ones, which means the the shotgunner and grunt deaths look especially dodgy. Finally, some of the animation may look strange for instance the archvile. The archvile had too many frames of animation to animate it propery as a player so I had to cut back quite a lot.
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the wad is very good. but the caco demon is missing the the hellkinght has awkward movement for 2 angles and the classic andd d64 lost soul`s sprites are in reverse view angles can you possibly fix that? -cyber manx
PAYBACK TIME! Those F***ing Archviles are gonna get it now! >:) I hate those things so much!x
I always want it to play in my Doom 2:Hell on earthx
simply monster skins. 2/5x
Sweet! Thanks for the new skins.x
cool, I can be my fav monsters from doom!~Jonny The Hedgehogx

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