Title: 'Skins 2000'...A group of 'FIVE' new replacements!
Filename: skins/skin2000.zip
Size: 562.1 KB
Date: 06/28/00
Author: Javier Fdo. Almenara Otoya
Description: So, which are the files inside this Wadfile?... You will find here:
- GutenTag.Wad
- PeruHero.Wad
- ManoWar.Wad
- TheMonk.Wad
- JagdHund.Wad
Credits: id Software - For their Wolfenstein, DOOM and Heretic games.
Rocket Dragon (Max Skin) e-mail:avoird@concepts.nl
Alec Bellanca (Pirate Skin) e-mail:alec@cutlasdesign.com
Base: Skins replacements with five characters of different games. (Wolfenstein, DOOM, Duke Nukem 3D and Heretic). Try it your own, and you will find these new DOOM soldiers!
Build time: Really, I don't get the time...
Editor(s) used: WinTex 4.3,,, what more?
Bugs: Anyone (?).
Rating: (2 votes)
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Now I REALLY have a variety of skins. Heretic Guy now in DOOM.x
Pretty nice. But the lemings make deathmatch slightly unfair because they are difficult to see. The nude women annoy me(Too many people going up to poles or other people with that skin and pressing the use button over and over again x

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