Title: StrifeGuy skin
Filename: skins/strifegy.zip
Size: 111.06 KB
Date: 12/12/04
Author: MasterOFDeath
Description: One night, a person who goes by the screename "MasterOFDeath", was quite bored. Tired of mapping for the day, because of just having finished MoDDM2 map02, he was toying around with skins and was shocked when he noticed that there was not a single skin made out of StrifeGuy! So he set on some stuipid 30 minuite journey to make one. Sadly it took 45 minuites because of "annoyances". Then, it happened, he finished the stupid little skin, and wrote this textfile, and then uploaded it. Fin.

Are you still here? :P
Credits: id Software, whoever made Strife(if they are still in buisness :P), the utility authours, Xaser for now apparent reason(yay?), and myself for noticeing that there is not a single StrifeGuy skin out there and deciding to make one. :P
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Just trying to get this noticed a little more; Strifeguy looks awesome.x
striffer man sucks!!!!! 1/5x
Anyone with XWE and the Strife demo teaser can do this in 30 seconds.x
I praise u Strife Guyx
Its Strife, good enough excuse.x

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