Title: DJ-DOOM for DOOM ][
Filename: sounds/0-djdoom.zip
Size: 397.9 KB
Date: 05/06/95
Author: Adrian Clark
Description: Well I got a bit sick of some of the sounds that have been going around so i decided to create a pretty cool wad from some CD's I had!!! ENJOY!!!
Credits: All the various bands and so on that i have included!!!
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Rating: (27 votes)
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Cool and funny. I love doors that sing if you open them.x
I was so damn nervous when I heard these groanes and finaly spoted a pack of Demons.It had really great sound qualityx
Basically changes a small number of sounds into samples from this man's awful eurodisco collection. Includes bloody Whigfield, which will mean nothing to Doomworld's predominantly American audience. Bloody N-Trance. Bloody Erasure. Elvis? It only replaces a few of the sounds, not including the chainsaw - which could have been the rave hoover noise from Human Resource's "Dominator", perhaps. This is as bad as you'd imagine a novelty sound wad from 1995 to be.x
hehe nice workx

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