Title: 8-Bit Sound. I wanted to call it NES Sound or something more accurate like that ...
Filename: sounds/8bitsnd.zip
Size: 1.1 MB
Date: 10/06/02
Author: Gilbonga Gobinga. No, I don't believe it either.
Description: Monsters make highly inappropriate video game noises. That's inappropriate as in "unsuitable," by the way. Back when these games were made, Nintendo was editing out anything bearing a remote resemblance to the other kind.

I stole sounds out of various NES games with my loyal band of emulators. This used to have a bunch of Guardian Legend sounds, but I removed them, because there are plenty of more recognizable inappropriately apt sounds for the same things. Indeed, the sounds tend to be more amusing when they're instantly recognizable, and while it's certainly no Lost Word of JenNy, TGL was just a little too obscure for my tastes. Like you care. Well, you must if you actually read all that, I suppose. What's wrong with you?!
Credits: NESticle, NESten, FCEUltra and the like. I must say, NESten's not nearly as great as those Zophar.net jopes make it out to be, but it can log to wav and disable individual sound channels upon command, so I forgive it.
Base: All your base had better keep the hell off my lawn.
Build time: How about this, I just give you the current time: 5:42 pm EST.
Editor(s) used: Wintex, Cooledit96, which I shall never register.
Bugs: I needed to use higher-than-usual sample rates to keep the sounds from getting staticish. That's why
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