Title: Alternate (console) Sounds for DOOM (all incarnations thereof)
Filename: sounds/altsnd.zip
Size: 325.48 KB
Date: 03/18/98
Description: I felt that the sounds from the PSX and N64 versions of DOOM had much better sound effects, so I plugged my consoles up to my sound card, recorded various sound effects and managed to fit many weapon/enemy sound effects into this WAD. It's not complete, I haven't gotten out all of the sounds I want. If anyone knows how I might extract raw sounds from PSX game data, let me know, it would make this *much* easier. Also, if anyone has any better samples of existing sounds here, or has some decent-sounding new samples that I don't have in here, let me know, I'd like to include them. Hell, just let me know if you use this, I'd like to get an idea as to how many people are still playing DOOM (I do it between Quake II sessions :) )
Credits: Everyone/thing involved in the PSX and N64 versions of DOOM.
Base: Various samplings taken from play sessions from PSX and N64 versions of DOOM.
Build time: Several hours at a time (I had to do *lots* of WAV editing here)
Editor(s) used: DMAUD, Creative Wave Studio
Bugs: Some "hiss" from imperfect recording. I could only get analogue recordings because I don't know how to extract raw sounds from PSX games :(.
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Pretty good, I always loved the sounds from Doom64 and now I have them, thanks to you! The only problem with this WAD is that the marine sounds aren't changed and the sounds are a little too quiet. But this is still excellent! Keep up the good work! -Fancy Qx
needs the rest of the sounds but fills what its for!x
Good sounds like the bfg and plasma rifle but why wasnt there a chainsaw sound?x
Not bad,but to finish the wad he should of used sounds from Quake or Doom3.x
Pretty good sounds to darken the mood of the game. -Weaselx
A few of the sounds are pretty good, the rest are just okay. None of them are bad, though.x

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