Title: anime.wad
Filename: sounds/anime.zip
Size: 792.46 KB
Date: 07/06/94
Author: Steve Chaney
Description: Aaaaatatatatatata.. and other good anime sounds, replaces a lot of the sounds in Doom.
Credits: Hokuto no Ken, Zeorymer, Megazone 23, Detonator Orgun, Gall Force, A-ko, GunBuster, and a bunch of other anime shows whose noises I lifted for this WAD ^_^ And of course, the Wizards of Id, Inc. NOTICE!!! For the maximum effect of anime.wad, get DEFRAME.EXE and run the SUPFISTS.BAT patch, and play Hokuto No Doom as you hit your enemies as fast as Kenshiro himself ^_^
Base: N/A
Build time: 5+ hours (plus time for recording anime tapes to audio for PWAD adaptation..)
Editor(s) used: DMAUD.EXE, Sound Blaster Wave Studio
Bugs: None that I know of ^_^
Rating: (13 votes)
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