Title: ARMY OF DOOM V0.9
Filename: sounds/aoddoom.zip
Size: 991.61 KB
Date: 10/15/94
Description: Well, I know that there's already a bunch of Army of Darkness patches for DOOM, but (with apologies to the authors) I was disappointed with them. There really weren't enough AOD sounds to it and they had fundamental flaws in them, for example when a imp sees you it says in Ash's voice "You want some" or something like that. well, that makes it seem like you are fighting a buch of Ash's. I had about 13MB of AOD wav files, a few hours to kill during school so decided to give it a go. if you care, this file was made last March and the only other AOD wad file at the time was ASH-DOOM. this file is on Software creations and a few ftp sites but I had never gotten around to putting it here on Infant2 until now.
Credits: Forest Lee
Geoff Haigh
Red Sprague
Rob Mohns
Wiley Cox
Maura Beddes
ID software
and everyone else who has changed DOOM so far.
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