Title: Ben's DOOM Sounds
Filename: sounds/bensound.zip
Size: 375.23 KB
Date: 02/21/05
Author: Ben Sze
Description: These are some sounds I recorded and editted to replace ALL the creatures' sounds. As well, the pistol fire sound has been replaced with a hollow sounding gun fire but it has a neat ending: the sound of bullet shells hitting the ground! I'm placing these sounds in a separate PWAD file instead of putting them into actual level PWAD files to allow users the option of including or not including the sounds (after all, you may get sick of the voices - I know I did! :).
Credits: Jen Tiffin (for doing the Baron's voice), and James LeBlanc (for supplying a mysterious sounding pistol fire WAV file).
Base: New from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: SB16 Windows Utils, GoldWave v2.1, DMAUD v1.1
Bugs: When I used DMAUD to put the WAV files into a PWAD a noticeable "popping" sound was appended to the end of each sound. This "popping" sound is NOT in the original WAV files. I don't know why DMAUD does this.
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