Title: Denis Leary Doom, V 1.0
Filename: sounds/dl.zip
Size: 790.3 KB
Date: 05/14/96
Author: Les Jones
Description: I was listening to the CD "No Cure For Cancer" when talking to someone about DOOM, and the idea of making a .WAD came to me. I had played Ash/AoD and the James Brown .WAD's, and found them very funny. But the first time I played Denis Leary DOOM, I almost died laughing (and I died several times while playing, too...). It may not be the best-ever .WAD, but it is likely the funniest.

Created from sound samples taken solely from the CD and edited by me using Windows 3.1 SoundBlaster 16 tools.

I do plan to make a .wad especially for DOOM II (if I can find a .wad tool that works...)
Credits: To Bill Neisius, the maker of DMAUD
Base: Denis Leary's CD "No Cure For Cancer"
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DMAUD.EXE
Bugs: None.
Rating: (6 votes)
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Basically what makes this so awesome and funny is that, not only the fact that Denis Leary is hilarious, the sound clips were selected well and fit in perfectly with what they're supposed to represent. Take killing a low-level enemy that really annoys you, you kill it and tell it to shut up. That is hilarious.x
In a fit of nostalgia, I looked up Doom wads to play. As the author, I'm glad to see that some people liked what I did with this. Personally, my favourite sounds/quotes were always these two: Picking up a weapon: "We've got a real problem with guns in this country." Picking up an item: "I can't wait to get my hands on these fucking things!" I didn't want to bias the ratings by voting for my own wad, but the Doomworld site doesn't allow that. x
Red meat, white meat, blue meat, meat-o-fucking-rama you will eat it! If you last more than 5 mins playing with this, you will be sweating and pissing with laughter. 4.5/5x
Can't play DOMM with this, but you will piss your knickers :-) Denis Leary is so funny... "SHUT THE FUCK UP"x

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