Title: DOOM: From Our Mouth
Filename: sounds/doomfym.zip
Size: 1.77 MB
Date: 10/01/02
Author: Zach + Corwin Brence (but I [Zach] did most of the work)
Description: Not much to describe really... we did an entire sound replace- ment made from almost entirely mouth noises. We did use a few mix/pastes with actual sounds in a couple places where I (the artiste) thought it necessary, and completely impossible to make those sounds with my mouth. And probably would've been obscene to try it with anything else. =P
Credits: Westwood, for a couple (or three) sounds mix/pasted from the Red Alert desktop theme pack.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Three days! Give us credit, you bastards!
Editor(s) used: CoolEdit2K, Wintex, and an SBLive card.
Bugs: May drive grandparents and adolescents insane.
Rating: (9 votes)
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Would I use it all the time? No. Is it funny as hell? Yes. 4/5x
I like how it isn't ADD-induced rambling like a ten year old, but actual innovative human sound effects like that creepy old guy in "Between the Lions".x
This goes pretty well together with the hand mod!x
dude this level is awesome! x
WW, don't quit your dayt job. ~csonicgox

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