Title: EAWPATS GUS patches
Filename: sounds/eawpats.zip
Size: 30.55 MB
Date: 11/15/05
Author: Eric A. Welsh
E-mail: myk@fibertel.com.ar
Description: This is a collection of Gravis UltraSound patches for use with a GUS, or with "softsynth" midi players such as Cubic Player and TiMidity.
Credits: Richard Sanders, Masanao Izumo, Sergey Batov, Laurent Martelli, Tasos Tzimoro, Andy Bakke, Pavel Vrabec, Julie Brandon, John Sankey, Pedro Lopez, Jim Oliver, Jeff Medaglia All the people who sampled these patches in the first place Anyone else I may have forgotten at the moment
Base: I collected patches from the Ultrasound mirrors, Midia, Kurzweil archives, Roland archives, Yamaha archives, Maui, maybe a few from MAZ, and just about every known source of patches on the net.
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