Filename: sounds/eerie.zip
Size: 389.89 KB
Date: 08/26/97
Author: Chris Christenson
Description: The wavs in this file are the 2 wavs I used in my Escape Form Natas wad, plus 15 others I decided not to use. They can be used to create a very eerie atmosphere when you tag them to monsters breathing or monster spots player. Some of the others can be used for transporter or powerups, etc.

Another trick I used was burying monsters in small rooms with small sound tunnels, so that you still have the moody sounds without a monster in site. Just remember to use a walk thru crusher tagged to these monster rooms by the exit so the player can get 100% kills.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: They where created using my friends Roland keyboard and then edited in Gold Wave.
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I liked them a lot, but they would get boring if heard too much so they would have to be rare in a level. They reminded me a lot of D_Tense, which is cool, makes me want to use these sounds for a remix!x
This is literally a set of wave files; you have to put them into levels yourself (they're called Doom1, Doom2 etc, so you are free to do what you like). They are three-second-long pads and would very quickly get boring. Doom15.wav is quite good though, and would be a good one-off.x

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