Title: Freon 3 sounds
Filename: sounds/freonsnd.zip
Size: 329.8 KB
Date: 08/05/95
Author: Victor Hall
Description: Sound FX replacement. Only replaces sounds that affect deathmatch. Guns, player death a switch, chainsaw, etc. I recommend a sub-woofer to get the full effect of the chainsaw idling sound. It's awesome! NO BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD!! YEAH!!

All sounds are -*ORIGINAL*-, exept the gun shot which I got off a CD somewhere, a long time ago. That exact sound is used in a lot of WADs, but it's awesome so I used it. I sped it up because it was long, too.
Credits: -Id- Software of course, for making a kick ass game that allows you to make levels, graphics, sounds, music, and dehacked... um.. oops!

The maker(s) if the following programs: DMAUD1.1a - Nice command line parameter sound replacer. Proaudio 16 Multimedia software - used to cut, clip, and edit the sounds. Cool 1.50 - TOTALLY AWESOME SOUND EDITOR! Only sound in the wad made by this editor is the BFG, though. I just got the SW version, and it's hard to do anything because it's so crippled. They want -WAY- too much for registered, too so I'll probably just ditch it. :(
Base: New levels, from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DMAUD 1.1a ProAudio 16 Sound Recorder - mainly
Bugs: Weapon pick up sound can get annoying... heh
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Funny how the readme says there is "NO BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD!! YEAH!!" yet there is a lot of it in there. not even good beavis and butthead sounds either. If the pickup sound can get annoying, then change it doggamit!x

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