Title: DMXGUS Gonna Give it to Ya
Filename: sounds/gusgonna.zip
Size: 5.11 KB
Date: 05/06/18
Author: fraggle
Description: This WAD contains a replacement DMXGUS lump which you should probably load if you're building a retro PC with a Gravis Ultrasound card (or if you're emulating one).

It does two things: firstly, it has a workaround for the GUS instrument mappings bug present in Vanilla Doom's DMX sound library; secondly, it has an optimized instrument mapping table that is statistically tailored for Doom's music.

I developed this for Freedoom but is useful on its own, so I decided to release it as a standalone WAD.
Base: d on the ratio of benefit / cost to determine which instruments to prefer.
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Bugs: Some MIDI instruments can sound silent (E2M2 is an example). The track by DMX referenced in the title of this file is actually "X Gon' Give It to Ya", so the reference is inaccurate.
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