Title: The REAL Hell on Earth sounds
Filename: sounds/hoe.zip
Size: 1.17 MB
Date: 07/10/95
Author: Harry
Description: This sound collection will hopefully set your teeth on edge. The aim is that anyone who cannot see you playing DOOM, shall believe that there is war!
Credits: ID software, but: If you want to show off, then do it by presenting and designing fantastic levels. Activate your pomp gun, not the pump gun! ;-)
Base: Other WADs and a tangled mass of sample files
Build time: This is a permanent project...
Editor(s) used: Sound WAD engine (a tiny DOS utility of mine), MS Windows 3.1 Sound Recorder Creative Technology's WREC (for DOS) Creative Technology's SB16SET (for DOS) Wave for Windows (Turtle Beach Systems) VOC386 (It really sucks if you process waves!)
Bugs: none
Rating: (11 votes)
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