Title: INCSTYL2.WAD (INCognito-Style DooM ][)
Filename: sounds/incstyl2.zip
Size: 399.02 KB
Date: 12/03/95
Author: VAN RENIER A.K.A. INCognito
Description: This WAD file is the result of choosing my favorite sounds from MANY different sources.
Credits: Special thanks goes to All the programmers of the DOOM editing software; WADMAN, WADED, DEU, DMGRAPH, DMMUSIC, DMAUD, WINTEX, and others.
Base: Scratch -- (used previously recorded sounds)
Build time: ORIGINAL DOOM WAD: 2-3 days (to get it where i wanted it!) And DOOM2.WAD 10 minutes thanks to WAD1to2.exe
Editor(s) used: WAD1TO2, WADMAN, DMAUD, DMMUSIC, and a few others.
Bugs: Completely Bug Free --DISCLAIMER: although i have not found any bugs, the possibility exists.
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