Filename: sounds/joetex.zip
Size: 1.16 MB
Date: 10/06/94
Author: Mike Ott
Description: What? You don't know who Joe Tex is? OK.... Think r&b, Atlantic Records, chicken and biscuit, soul music... songs include "Hold What You Got", "Skinny Legs and All" and his biggest hit "I Gotcha" (if you have seen "Reservoir Dogs", you've heard it). Enjoy!
Credits: The author of DMAUD Mitch Lambert - owner of numerous Joe Tex CDs Playtesters Mitch Lambert, James "Spike" Hammack The late, great Joe Tex...
Base: Many cool Joe Tex CDs
Build time: yes, lots of it...
Editor(s) used: dmaud,Sound Blaster Creative Wave Studio 1.1
Bugs: none
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