Title: DeathMatch sound WAD+more
Filename: sounds/kp3.zip
Size: 652.53 KB
Date: 06/08/95
Author: Kevin Podszebka (Excelsior)
Description: This WAD is my third attempt at sounds. If you were ever bored of Doom before, this will make the game more exciting once again. There are even more sounds for solo play (and a smaller file!)
Credits: Denis Möller, TiC, denis@doomsday.shnet.org. Denis made NWT, the best damn GFX/SND editor in existance for doom2!!! Hats off to you, Denis! Also to my DeathMatch friends; Theo, Thrasher, Lannings, Auto Cadder, Loki, Mark The Shark, Gore and the SysOp of Gamers World, Mike.
Base: N/A
Build time:
Editor(s) used: NWT
Bugs: DOOM2 DEATH (Oops, that's just a virus that keeps) (bugging me.. it doesn't do anything)
Rating: (2 votes)
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Yet another early sound replacement from the days when people were quite happy to put their full name and home address in the textfile, because back then there were only ten people on the internet, and what could possibly go wrong. Although it's the typical mix of comedy sounds - from VHS, tape, prehistoric media - I feel compelled to give it two stars because it is, for the period, technically not bad.x
whyd you put your phonenumber in this wad?x

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