Title: laugh.zip
Filename: sounds/laugh.zip
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Date: 10/11/94
Author: Jim
Description: What this is, is a collection of laughs, taken from Sepultura's latest incredible album, Chaos AD. They put a 'bonus' track on the end, full of demonic and demented sounding laughs. I normally play Chaos AD while playing DOOM, and once when a friend was watching, the 'bonus' track came on and these guys went into their act. All of a sudden, my friend said what a cool sound wad those would make. So we recorded the stuff, and edited them so they would really sound great while playing DOOM. So give them a try. And see if you can actually play a whole level, yet alone a whole episode, with these replacement sounds. They are for DOOM I by the way.
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this is about as retarded as the shitty Chaos AD album. Get a copy of Beneath the Remains and be happy.x

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