Title: Mystery Science Theater 3000 DOOM
Filename: sounds/mstsnd.zip
Size: 679.17 KB
Date: 07/16/95
Description: Having recently tried the Mystery Science Theater 3000 sound patch found on the evil D!Zone CD, and finding it less then perfect, I've decided to finally release my version (which is much better, IMHO).

This puppy has been sitting on the HD of my old 486/33SX since April of last year, when I, having nothing better to do, decided to root through my extensive collection of MST3k episodes to find some appropriate SFX. The results are pretty cool; at least I think so.
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This is from July 1997, towards the end of Mystery Science Theatre 3000's run on the Comedy Channel. In theory I should like it, because I like MST3K, but it suffers from the same problem as a lot of other novelty sound replacements; you can't really play it with the sounds, because it turns into a cacophony (and you tend to get the imp, shotgun man, and demo sounds over and over again, because they are the most common monsters). The "wall press" sound is good though.x

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