Title: NES Sounds (version 2)
Filename: sounds/nes_snd2.zip
Size: 346.96 KB
Date: 10/21/02
Author: The Unknown Comic ..er...I mean, The Unknown Doomer (name changed to protect the guilty abuser of Ni
Description: Yet another "funny" sound-only wad for Doom or Doom II featuring 74 sounds from various NES video games.
Credits: Gilbonga Gobinga for the original 44KHz sounds in 8bitsnd.zip.
Base: 8bitsnd.zip containing nessound.wad which is a whopping 5.65MB! This wad contains all the same sounds, but is only 1.0MB as it uses the 'standard' Doom sample rate of 11kHz.
Build time: Writing this damn text file took longer.
Editor(s) used: DeuTex, CoolEdit96
Bugs: -
Rating: (3 votes)
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This is id=11686, but compressed down. Morally dubious but not strictly speaking wrong; the author of id=11686 has no more claim on the sounds, which belong to the original copyright holders, than Mr Unknown Comic. But why not download id=11686 instead?x
I seriously want to find the oaf who did this and punch him in the nose. Oh, please excuse my "funny" sounds not being "standard" enough for your delicate ear orifices. If you didn't like it you should have kept your rotten greasy digits off of it, then.x

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