Title: newsnd.zip
Filename: sounds/newsnd.zip
Size: 550.59 KB
Date: 09/21/94
Author: Johnny Nugnug
Description: Ha! Wish I had the template in front of me. Anyway.'Tis I, Johnny Nugnug, releasing my personal fave sound .wad. This is a .wad made from many of the >>excellent<< sound .wads out there. I thank you each and every one one you. I get irritated by sounds .wads very quickly, yet this sound .wad I have used for about 2 months with no irritation problems at all. I hope all you that use this .wad not only appreciate the (small) work I put into re-editing a sound .wad, but also the >hundreds<, if not >millions of billions< of man hours the original drug addicts put into making their own .wads.
Or something like that.
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