Title: PulpDoom
Filename: sounds/pulpdoom.zip
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Date: 07/07/96
Author: Echo Seven
Description: Surprisingly, it wasn't at all hard to bridge Doom and Pulp Fiction in a way that would be humorous, but workable. A couple weapons have been changed. (Just sound, now.) Numbers 1,2,3, and 6. You get to beat up on Zed (Hell Knight I think), shoot Marvin in the face, (actually an Imp) and get medieval on hellfiends.

If you fail, then Jimmy throws in his two cents about body disposal.
Most all of the enemies have something to say. (Some more than others.)
You will probably have to play the game more than once to fully appreciate it.
Credits: My thanks to Dr. Sleep for being cooperative and helpful. To all the architects of Doom and its shareware, especially the ones responsible for the original concept- you have my respect and gratitude.

Thanks to Quentin Tarantino for writing a screenplay that is teeming with cold-blooded shit to say...although I don't think he had Doom in mind when he created it.
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