Title: Pulp Fiction Doom
Filename: sounds/pulpfx.zip
Size: 614.35 KB
Date: 11/25/94
Author: Chris Hopkins
Description: I've seen this film at the theatre three times and I couldnt let it go without it's own PWAD. :) I've replaced quite a few of the sounds including the addition of the first 10 seconds of `Miserlou' (the song in the trailer). I got all these samples from the soundtrack so when it comes out on video I'll probably make a brand new one with much more to it. :) But this still replaces the majority of sounds including the pistol which i replaced with Jules' pistol sound (_much_ cooler sounding than original). So give it a try and if you havent already, GO SEE THE MOVIE! It's my personal favorite movie of all time. (BTW: Due to lack of available sounds, this only replaces sounds from Doom 1, but will still _work_ in Doom 2. It just won't replace doom 2's new sounds, that's all) And if anybody happens to have some more sounds (I dont care how you get em, no questions asked :) feel free to send em to me and I'll include em in the `finished' version. Thanks!
Credits: Quentin Tarantino for creating the truly great film these fx came from. :) Author of Dmaud
Base: Pulp Fiction Soundtrack and a .wav recorder. :)
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DMAUD
Bugs: I know this really cool beetle in Tucson, Arizona.
Rating: (3 votes)
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Great, just what I needed, another 1994 sound replacement made with 1994 craftsmanship by some Joe P. Random guy! 0/5 -Maesx
Apart from all the retarded comments above me, this wad is rather...well, it's a 1994 wad. So it gets 2 stars -Dark_Zerox

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