Title: Robin Williams Sound Effects
Filename: sounds/rob-will.zip
Size: 478.05 KB
Date: 03/14/95
Author: John Madden and Niel De Vries
Description: An alternative sound effects wad.
Credits: Trek, Muscle, Jake, Aggie and Noba for playing DOOM2 with us. And of course Robin Williams for his comedy.
Base: Brand Spankin' new
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DMAUD 1.1
Bugs: Why do they have this question? Good WADs don't have bugs.
Rating: (7 votes)
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dang son good stuffs rip robbie he good girlx
All the sounds came from his 1986 show Live at the Met x
Back in 1995 Robin Williams had a sideline as a comedian in the adult style, with bad language. But none of these soundbites are funny, or even jokes at all - Robin Williams was funny because he was manic, not because of what he said, and cut into one-second snippets his comedy dies. And some of the samples have pops at the end. A star though for picking soundbites that at least fit the actions.x

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