Title: say_it.zip
Filename: sounds/say_it.zip
Size: 829.96 KB
Date: 05/10/95
Author: Robin Poole
Description: This sound file was created (mostly) over a weekend by myself and a few friends. Its kinda stupid - although the sounds are related to the action.

Its a replacement for all the DOOM sounds, and works with DOOM2 - although much as I wish, I dont know how to replace the extra sounds in '2. Personally I'm surprised how few sound files there are - I use one every time I play and the old sounds are soooo boring now.

Most of the stuff was recorded via microphone or off Sound effect CD's via Creative Labs WAVStudio.
Credits: ID Software
Bill Neisius (for DMAUD)
Andy "Woosh" Parks
Kevin "Chug" Brooks (kevin.brooks@octacon.co.uk)
Rob "ooohhhhh" Morton
Lee Screaton
Mark Hudson
A Glass of Water
Dread Zepplin
An Unkown Terrier
The creators of lbsnd.wad
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