Title: SERENITY SOUNDS (sound WAD for SERENITY) A full replacement of all original Doom sounds by our very
Filename: sounds/sersound.zip
Size: 782.69 KB
Date: 10/04/94
Author: Bjorn Hermans and Holger Nathrath
Description: The sounds in these WAD have been selected on various grounds. One of the important ones is that you don't get bored by a sample (since you'll be hearing it zillions of times!!). The samples do not match some kind of theme (for instance like the Aliens sound-wad), but we still like it 8^) This WAD works with all Doom 1.x versions.
Credits: Id (no comment - again), the maker of DMAUD, and all those people to which we owe our samples.

And all those many others we have forgotten.
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lol, what the fuck is this? The Serenity guys really made this? 1/5x

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