Title: Sound Caulking PSX
Filename: sounds/sndckpsx.zip
Size: 1.96 MB
Date: 01/21/15
Author: Jaxxoon R
Description: So, have you ever been annoyed how so many monsters reuse sound effects, and how a few of them have no sounds to call their own? Tired of Revenants making the same old "DEEU-EEUH" sounds when shot instead of a suitably skeletony shriek? How about that naughty Archvile, and his distinct lack of sounds in the PSX version's style?

Well now you're in luck! With the magic of a little SNDINFO, Audacity, and some sounds I had lying around, anything is possible!

(For PSX fans at least!)
Credits: The PSX TC team for ripping the sounds, Aubrey Hodges for making the things in the first place, and really anyone involved in the PSX/N64 projects.
Base: Modified
Build time: Less than a week. I had to upsample them to make sure they wouldn't sound muffled in Zdoom. There was also the process of making suitable sounds for the Archvile.
Editor(s) used: Audacity and Slade 3.
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