Title: Spud's Funky Doom Sounds
Filename: sounds/spdsndx4.zip
Size: 457.35 KB
Date: 08/30/01
Author: Sgt Crispy
Description: I made this a LOOONG time ago, using MS Sound Recorder and some Adam Sandler and Monty Python CDs, some other sound wads, and other sources. I still think its funny as hell. (Not thats hell is funny..) :)

Oh Spud is my Real-Life nickname, for those who care.
Credits: iD Software (duh!) Oliver Montuey for WinTex. The authors whose sound wads I "borrowed" from. I wish I still had their wads...
Base: New wad made entirely from scratch.
Build time: It was made so long ago I can't remeber. A day or two I guess.
Editor(s) used: WinTex 4.3
Bugs: If you don't like the sounds, it's not a bug.
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