Filename: sounds/spksnd.zip
Size: 8.75 KB
Date: 06/17/99
Author: CP, an old-fashioned ATARI and MAC user
Description: replaces the original sounds for Doom/Doom 2 by the funny old PC-speaker sounds.. Nice if you use it on e.g. a Mac (only nice if you started to play DOOM on PCs without sound cards :-) )
Credits: Id Software, Lion software and the DOOM][keys author.
Base: DP* lumps for PCs without sound card
Build time:
Editor(s) used: custmwad by Serge Smirnov (great work!) and an own program (not included)
Bugs: r0ck3T 1aUNcH3r and p1aZmA S0uNd sUxx.. only tested with Final DOOM but should work with DOOM and DOOM][..
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BLEEP BLOOP BLOP BLERRRRRRRARARAR. Ahh... that sure does bring back some memories. 4/5x
Play this with EGA doom 2 and you can get the ultimate oldskool experience.x
This is a collection of samples of Doom's original PC speaker sound effects - later Doom ports, such as Chocolate Doom, can emulate the PC speaker engine, but that was eight years in the future in 1999! This isn't quite 100% accurate because it can play several sounds at once, the original could only play one at a time. The reverse-engineered PC speaker specification is at id=14832.x
Brilliant, and a good compliment to the various 8-bit Nintendo Doom sound wads. This is even cruder - the sounds are blips and beeps, but surprisingly they work, and evoke the real sounds quite well. The chainsaw is intolerable though.x

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