Title: Splash Wad
Filename: sounds/splash.zip
Size: 29.76 KB
Date: 11/23/00
Author: Pete Kempson
Description: Play Doom with splash sounds for water, lava, slime, nukeage & blood; adds splash sounds to UDoom, Doom2, Plutonia, TNT and any pwad using the same liquid flats and names as the iwads; can be configured for custom flats (see README with file)
Credits: IDSoftware for DOOM & DOOM2; Randy Heit for ZDoom and the terrain.lmp; Raven Software for Heretic and Hexen
Base: makes use of features in ZDoom 1.23beta7 by Randy Heit
Build time: a while
Editor(s) used: Wintex 4.3; Windows Sound Recorder
Bugs: none May Not Run With... :anything other than ZDoom 1.23 Beta7
Rating: (4 votes)
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Everything ok just miss the graphs of the impact there would be very good indeed! I like ...x

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