Title: Super Sound FX (for DOOM or DOOM 2)
Filename: sounds/supersfx.zip
Size: 634.88 KB
Date: 12/17/94
Author: Ian Springer
Description: This PWAD replaces about 80% of the DOOM sound effects. The sounds I used were taken from several dozen other SFX PWAD's including WESTSND.WAD, AODOOM.WAD, and JERKY2.WAD to name just a few. It contains many sounds from the best movie of all time "Army of Darkness," which very much reminds me of DOOM. There are also a couple of sounds from the funniest guys on the planet "The Jerky Boys." The rest of the sounds are from numerous other sources (some of which are unknown to me). The DOOM music has been replaced with the theme song from Terminator ][ (no, not "You Could Be Mine"). I think you'll agree that this is the _best_ sound WAD out there.
Credits: # the guys who originally put together all the great sound PWAD's that I stole sounds from :> # Olivier Montanuy (author of DeuTex) # Creative Labs, Inc. (for WPlay)
Base: dozens of sound WAD's by various authors
Build time: 2-3 hours
Editor(s) used: DeuTex and WPlay
Bugs: No
Rating: (9 votes)
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0/5 Perhaps the goofiest collection of sounds ever.x
ya it rocks out the marsx
There's some useful sounds in here, thank you for producing it! And I've been looking for that PLASMA sound from all over the Net! BFG was nice, too. --MechWarrior Jake Prydex

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