Title: Sureal: the first wave of stupidity
Filename: sounds/sureal.zip
Size: 651.12 KB
Date: 12/21/01
Author: Johnny Magnum
Description: Stuff i record in my spare time.
Credits: My credits go to all the Doomers out there and to the staff at DoomWorld.com.
Build time: time flies when i'm dooming, can't tell how much i've wasted...
Editor(s) used: wintex 4.7, sound recorder,
Bugs: N/A
Rating: (1 vote)
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Also has some new monster and weapon graphics too; if whoever did the Aliens total conversion could have had a royalty for every use of his pulse rifle he would be a rich man. Heck, if the sound designer on Aliens got a royalty from the 'heavy door opening' sound he would be rich. Some enjoyable grunting noises. I like fudge; also, Milla Jovovich had a brief singing career and was surprisingly good at it.x

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