Title: t2.zip
Filename: sounds/t2.zip
Size: 402.65 KB
Date: 05/11/94
Author: Solomon White
Description: The sounds in this wadfile were NOT sampled by me. I only put the files into a patch wad you can use more easily with Doom.
Credits: Thanks to: jshsiung@vmsa.is.csupomona.edu For samplin' some cool effects!
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Trivia: PSX Doom actually stole the shotgun sound from T2, although the exact clip was from a different wad than this (space.wad?). Pointless, yes, but so is this wad. 2/5x
This is a fairly generic set of sounds, probably from Terminator II, although you'd have to be intimately familiar with the film to recognise them (they are mostly explosions). It includs the silenced pistol, Arnold Schwarzenegger saying "excellent", "hasta la vista" etc. It dates from a time when people felt safe enough on the internet to put their home address in readme files.x

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