Title: TOTALSFX.WAD 101 sounds for DOOM II
Filename: sounds/totalsfx.zip
Size: 2.72 MB
Date: 08/27/95
Author: Scott Furman
Description: Replaces most sounds for DOOM II (not just sounds common to DOOM I and DOOM II). I created two sound wads for myself but mixed them together (quite literally) to make this one for the Internet. Its big cause lots of the sounds are real long. I've also gotten rid of those 'tick' noises so many sound wads have in them. They really piss me off. I suggest getting the new version of DMAUD from CDROM (DMAUD11C.ZIP) as NWT has a few problems handling the larger sounds. So, rip this wad apart, add your own favorites, smoke a big bomber, and catch some UV.
Credits: All the sound files I ripped apart to make this one
Base: Original
Build time: months (since I got my soundcard)
Editor(s) used: NWT and DMAUD (new version for DOOM II)
Bugs: Set your soundblster for maximum channels (duh)
Rating: (2 votes)
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A lot of long, unnecessary replacements.x
At first I thought this was called "totalsex", which might have been interesting. But there's no sex at all. This is the standard lot of sounds taken from Aliens, Star Wars, Star Trek etc; it's absolutely useless to play with because the sounds are loud and quickly become irritating. It highlights just how professional and hard-working the people of Id were, back in 1993.x

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