Title: The TronicSound-TC
Filename: sounds/tronicdm.zip
Size: 2.94 MB
Date: 05/05/99
Author: Tronicmind
Description: The TronicSound-TC is a completely new and FREE sound scheme for Doom. Every sound in the game is NEW. All monsters, weapons and items have been carefully enhanced.
It is not meant to be funny or obscure. My goal was to create a serious and intense experience for the player by adjusting and enhancing all of the sounds in Doom.

The TronicSound-TC takes advantage of the new cababilities that PC`s offer today. More RAM and better Soundcards.
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This is hard to judge. Effort and care has gone into this, and there are even some new sounds, whereby the author growls into an echo box. But it just highlights how good the original Doom sounds were; these are either irritatingly over-the-top, or anonymous. The super shotgun sound is crucial because that's what the player hears the most, and the original Doom super shotgun sound was unsurpassable. I take off a star for using the overused Aliens cargo elevator noise.x

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